Why Unreal C++ Now?

Reasons why Unreal C++ can get more relevant in the future

At the time of this writing, — in early 2024 —, situations are quite complex, with massive layoffs in game and tech industry, and with all the hype around achievements in A.I. Considering all that, I think Unreal C++ is getting more relevant:

  • Thanks to A.I. assisted scripting, the entry to a high-level, popular, language, like Python will arguably get lower, leaving the expertise in C++ more valuable.

  • With huge investments already made into Fortnite, and with the release of UEFN, the ecosystem for TechArt around Unreal would grow steadily bigger.

  • More complex behaviors in games would be expected, asking for more C++ implementations instead of Blueprints.

  • If learning (or being taught) properly, thanks to more widely shared resources lately, and also potentially thanks to the aid of GPT, Unreal C++ will appear less cryptic.

Therefore, I predict that Unreal C++ will be a skill more in demand, and it's a perfect time to start learning it.

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