Why Being Reluctant (Initially) with Unreal C++?

What have been holding me (and probably you also) back from picking up Unreal C++

Recently I learned about a saying that goes like this: the problem with C++ is not that it's a complicated language, but the problem lies with that reputation itself. And I have to admit, I had bought into all that rumors about the language. In hindsight, I reckon as a Technical Artist these were the thinking that could have weaved together in prohibiting me from picking up C++ properly:

  1. During early years in my TechArt career, I thought programming was boring and not as creative as arts.

  2. When working with Unreal, I concluded that Blueprints and Python would mostly suffice.

  3. Before the time when A.I. got so powerful and disruptive, with deep Artistic Anatomy knowledge and also decent scripting skills, I assumed I was fairly specialized enough with my TechArt arsenal to keep me happily employed.

  4. As a member who can be classified as belonging to the early adopters, I kept reasoning that "there are so many other exciting things happening in the TechArt world right now other than digging into C++ and low-level stuffs".

Hence, I didn't pick up Unreal C++ seriously until now.

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